Analysis of levels of effectiveness of secondary school teachers and psychological capital

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Om Parkash, Anshu Narad


Teachers are cornerstones of any educational system as they play an indispensable role in the national development and reconstruction through appropriate channelization of human potential. Psychological capital of teachers plays a significant role in this process. The current paper highlights the levels of effectiveness of secondary school teachers and their psychological capital. Descriptive survey method was used. A sample of 500 secondary school teachers were selected from three regions of Punjab by employing stratified multistage random sampling technique. Statistical technique used was percentage analysis. Research findings, found that majority of teachers were at “moderately effective level”, followed by “below average”, “above average”, “highly effective”, “highly ineffective”, “most effective” and “most ineffective teacher level” for effectiveness of teachers. Further, majority of teachers were found to be at “high level”, followed by “medium level” for psychological capital.


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