Role of teachers' aptitude in enhancing teaching effectiveness: An Empirical study

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Deo karan Ram, Padam Bhushan, Hemant Anbhule, Ghadeer Alsanie, Mashael Eid Alkelabi


Teachers serve the education that is an efficient instrument of mankind. The teachers adapt this art with the help of a preservice teacher training program. Teaching is considered to be a reflective procedure from the beginning. Reflection is something that's used in different sectors of education of teachers, which includes adult education and vocational education for various years. Despite several articles, there's a lot of empirical evidence which supports the view that it might result in superior teachers practices amongst the elementary teacher candidates. Research studies focus on the orientation of different processes to capture the reflection. It even considers the development of the teaching skills of the pre-service teachers across their practicum. These studies reveal that the strategy of reflective teaching has a prominent impact on developing teaching skills. No significant impact of teachers' aptitude has been noticed for developing the teaching skills through the interaction of the reflective teacher's strategy and the aptitude of the teachers.

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