“Impingement of Stress on the career growth of retailers in retail industry”

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Vijayendra Kumar Shrivastava, Sanjeev Kumar


Job is an essential part of life for all the persons who are act as retailers in the retail industry because it gives post and remuneration in the retail industry.  Also job gives the career growth to the retailers in their career path in the retail industry. Stress is one of the tautness positions for every human being because it creates tense in their mind due to any reason either related with personal life or professional life. In most of the retail industry either manufacturing or service provider, uses the stress activity by the senior to junior through different type of task to improve their career growth in retail industry. But most of us understand the stress has the bad image in our mind but every coin has two surface means both good as well as bad, and good image of stress will refine the quality of working pattern of retailer in the retail industry. When we enter in the retail industry premises we have to concentrate on our profession and in the working time we have lots of work about our post which creates the stress. This stress will exhaust the retailer but some other will improve their performance of work by this stress. Stress is the way which strains our self to reach our goal which completes our target successfully in the retail industry. Stress gives intention to complete the task to accomplish the self target with accomplishment of retail industry objective that is profit with sustainability in the current retail industry market. Career is significant in the life of retailers for the further sustain in the retail industry. Growth of career is making a special part in the life of retailers inside the premises of retail industry as well as outside of the retail industry. Stress by retail industry means stress or pressure creates by top management or senior authority will helpful in growth of career of retailers of retail industry. Stress creates pressure to retailers for achieving their professional target with retail industry objectives that is profit. Stress creates problem to the retailers by many ways like it affects his or her personal life as well as professional life but retailers can improve their professional life by it through understanding the importance of his or her task to accomplish the goal of the retail industry. Impingement of stress is much more in the career growth of the retailers in their professional life very well in the retail industry. Therefore the impingement of stress has a significant in the life of retailer inside the retail industry.


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