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Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Sunny Dhaliwal, Mili Dutta, Fayaz Ahamed


Green mutual funds may be right for you if you want to invest in stocks, these stock are environmentally conscientious, and are fed up with how huge businesses harm the environment. Despite being one of the industry's newest forms of funds and these mutual funds have lately garnered favour among many investors.

Entities that invest in environmentally conscious firms manage green money. Some of these firms employ eco-friendly energy or trash management strategies. Then there are others that make recycled items or promote the use of green energy. Some of them have set aside funding for environmental cleanup. These are companies that, in addition to increasing their bottom line and profit, also benefit the environment.

Aside from the 'feel good' factor of helping to keep the planet clean and being a socially responsible citizen, investing in these funds may also give financial rewards. There were relatively few enterprises long-ago that could be labelled as ozone-friendly. With numerous countries pledging their assistance for the planet and passing ozone-friendly policies, several firms have formed with the explicit objective of being environmentally conscious and lowering emissions. In the sector of green funds, Indian mutual funds have not been very active, despite the fact that their worldwide counterparts are.

The purpose of this article is to raise mutual fund companies' attention to green mutual funds, which are beneficial to the environment and the protection of the planet. This study examines the numerous fields for green India like funds, investment firms, and mutual funds available in India. Green India refers to a country that is free of pollution.

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