The Influence of Culture and Tradition in Designing an Adaptable Furniture for Serambi in a Malay House

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Ariff. F, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdul Majid


Malays residential design has been influenced much by a modern design element that has demolished certain tradition cultural factors contributing to a sustainable lifestyle convenience for users. The space concept of the current modern house design should be aligned with the space function to reflect the Malay house culture. Thus, the elements of traditional design along with the specific factors studied, play an important role in establishing a local identity for global positioning of the nation - Malay Design DNA. Therefore, an extensive study on Malay origin and cultural identity is vital in identifying and highlighting the Malay traditional elements with close reference to the Malay house design philosophy. This study also will illustrate how these elements can be further enhanced by infusing them into modern homes through furniture design. Therefore, the theory of Malay House DNA will be use in designing furniture design at Sarambi area.

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