Exploring and Developing Items Measuring the Effect of Mentees’ Teaching and the Role of Mentors

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Noráin Mat Talha*, Zahari Ishak, Norazana Mohd Nor, Ahmad Zabidi Abdul Razak, Nurul Aini Mudayat, Katijah Abu Bakar


This study intended to develop a valid and reliable survey instrument to measure mentees’ effective teaching by analyzing mentors’ role through Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA). This study adapted thirty-three items on the role of School Improvement Specialist Coaches Plus (SISC+) as mentors for the teachers. The items were modified accordingly to fit the current study on coaching and mentoring in Malaysia. A pilot study was then performed with 50 chosen mentee teachers as participants for this study after the items were validated by experts. Five components (personal attributes, pedagogical knowledge, role modelling, system requirement and feedback) were identified using the EFA. From this study, the internal reliability was achieved for all five components. The development of this instrument will help to uncover the role of mentors in order to improve the teachers’ teaching quality.


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