SWOT analysis of sports talents training in school physical education curriculum in China

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Changqing Xiang, Mengyao Chao, Tengku Fadilah binti Tengku Kamalden, Normala Ismail


Excellent sports talents have become the great needs of the sustainable development of competitive sports. In this process, sports talent training also plays an important role in promoting the high-quality development of sports industry and promoting the steady progress of sports. In order to better provide guidance for sports talent cultivation, improve the quality of sports reserve personnel training, and to ensure the sustainable development of sports undertakings, this paper through the literature material, expert interview and questionnaire survey, to analyzes the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in the process of sports talent training in China's school physical education (PE) curriculum. Through comparative and analysis, it is shown that the problems and weakness of the training of sports talents in the current PE curriculum in China are focused on the following aspects: the goal of talents training is not clear enough and relatively backward, the construction of PE curriculum system needs to be improved, and the homogenization tendency is prominent and the training mode of sports talents lack of innovation. Hence, this research holds that the training of sports talents in school PE curriculum should grasp the current development needs of China, strengthen the reform of school PE curriculum, and put forward training countermeasures from three aspects: the diversification of PE talent cultivation, improving the identification rate and detection rate of sports talents.

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