A Review of the Smart Educational System and Students' Performance through Teachers' Efficiency in the United Arab Emirate

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Sami Saeed Obaid Alnaqbi, Omar Siti Sarah


The smart development of education with these emerging technology helps students to study more effectively, flexibly and comfortably. Those l earners use smart devices to reach digital services through the wireless network and to immerse themselves in customized and seamless education. Smart learning, a term that defines digital learning, has been more diligent. In this study, we aim to develop a Smart Educational System conceptual framework to Increase Teachers Efficiency and Students Performance in UAE. Essentially, the research used the previous studies to demonstrate its focus on the precarious framework of smart learning instruction and the core characteristics of smart learning environments. The study concludes by proposing model of Smart Educational System Model in Increasing Teachers Efficiency and Students Performance in the United Arab Emirate. The policy implication of this study is that its implementation is expected significantly improve the smart education especially in UAE environment.

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