The Effect of Leadership Style on Organisational Performance with Innovation Technology as a Mediating Within Abu Dhabi Police Force

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Hamad Salem Saeed Al Derei, Haslinda Musa


Leadership style is crucial since it often assists organisational employees to perform effectively and productively. The aim of this research is to empirically investigate effect of leadership style on organisational performance with innovation technology as a mediating within Abu Dhabi Police Force in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Using simple random sampling techniques, this quantitative analysis was done using a sample of 272 employees from the UAE’s criminal investigation and security sector. The data was analysed using Smart PLS, and the findings show that transactional and transformational  leadership have a considerable positive effect on organisational performance. Moreover, innovation technology has partial mediation impact in the relationship between leadership styles and organisational performance for the Abu Dhabi Police Force which contributes to the achievement of its objectives and the improvement of performance. The finding contributes to the research that highlights innovation technologies impacted by transformational and transactional leadership that can effect employee success and organisational performance, especially in the context of the Abu Dhabi Police Force in the UAE It has been demonstrated that leadership styles are important for the police sector in order to accomplish its objectives and improve organisational performance. The study also suggested that the regulatory authorities in charge of controlling Abu Dhabi police force in UAE regulations provide a standard guideline and encourage all police forces to implement leadership style properly to achieve organisational performance.

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