Customer service quality assessment and customers’ satisfaction in food and beverage in McDonald's restaurant in United Arab Emirates

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Nurul Zarirah Nizam, Mohammed Rashed Abdulla Zuhair AlKaabi, Saleh Ali Husseini


Customer satisfaction is just the essential to corporate growth. Since the 1970s, it has been explored in enterprise and marketing. When customer satisfaction is met, brand loyalty always occurs. As a result, the quality assessment of customer service has also been heavily studied over the past few decades. Quality assessment of customer service is a vital piece of information for service providers whose goal is to improve business efficiency. Failure to do so will contribute to negative consequences, such as lower customer satisfaction, high customer defect rates, and lower income. The main objective of this research is to find consumer satisfaction in the food and beverage industry and to build a model using the structural equation model to help the industry enhance the quality of its service in the UAE. Questionnaire sets have been spread between government experts and private organisations in the UAE. The survey questionnaire was submitted through a Google survey. Consequently, A total of 283 questionnaires completed have been collected. For the analysis of the results, confirmatory factor analysis (measurement and structural measurement models) was used for the analysis of moment structures (AMOS) in structural equation modelling (SEM). With regard to the relation between the objectives, the structural measurement model and the assumptions laid down in this report, it should therefore be noted that as it has been shown that foods and drink variables can affect organisational efficiency, the study has provided evidence that some attempt has been made to increase customer satisfaction using the study.

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