Development Of Arabic Prose in India

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Dr. Shafiqul Islam Ansary


Arabic is the youngest variety of Semitic groups of languages. This language originates a few centuries before the rise of Islam. It is considered the most sacred language by the people of Muslim community, because it is the language of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith. The people of India started learning Arabic language not only to carry on the trade but also to focus the Islam.  Thus, Arabic spread and flourished in India. The Holy Qur’an is the first great work of Arabic prose literature. Hadith is another source of Arabic prose literature, which provides the basic sources for the biography of prophet Muhammad (SAW).  Literature is not limited by the collection of prose and poetry; it is included various purposes. Arabic prose is to open in brief among the subjects,  Nahu, Sarf, Philosophy, scholastic, logic and fiqh and all the books of usul-e fiqh might not be collected which are nor taught of the particular writers coming into literary circle from their respective custodies. There are several Arabic prose writers in India, who flourished and developed Arabic prose literature in India. There are various famous Arabic Newspapers and Magazine published in India, among them; al Bayan, al Jamiyat, al Hilal, al Ba’as al Islami and al Rayed etc. By these Magazines, Newspapers and distinguished writer’s valuable works, Arabic prose has developed in India.

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