The Depth of Knowledge Among Postgraduate Students

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Kadhum Jabur Aljibour, Shaima Al-Rawi


The Current Research Aims to:

1- Recognizing the depth of knowledge of postgraduate students.

2- Identifying the differences in the depth of Knowledge levels  among postgraduate students according to the variables (gender, specialization and stage).

3- Identifying the statistically significant differences in the correlation between the depth of knowledge according to the variable of gender (males - females), specialization (scientific - human) and the stage of study (Masters - PhD).

    The research's sample (construction and application) consisted of (800) male and female students at the faculties of the University of Al-Qadisiyah, they were chosen randomly according to the Department of Post-Graduate Studies at the University of Al-Qadisiyah, with (156) males, (174) females from the master’s degree, and (38) males, (32) PhD female. The researcher used a research tool, which is building a depth of knowledge scale.

The first: the depth of knowledge scale, which the researcher built according to the theory of Norman Webb (Webb, 1997).

    The psychometric properties of the scale were verified from the apparent validity, construct validity and stability by the method of analysis of variance (Cronbach's alpha) and halving, where the statistical means were used (percentage, t-test for two independent samples, Pearson correlation coefficient, Spearman-Brown equation, variance, standard deviation, skewness ) .

The Search Results Showed The Following:

1- The postgraduate students at the University of Al-Qadisiyah have a wide range of knowledge.

2- There are no statistically significant differences in the degrees of the depth of knowledge among postgraduate students according to gender (males, females), specialization (scientific, human), and study stage (Masters, PhD).

3- The postgraduate students have depth of knowldge and emotional consistency.


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