Knowledge, Attitude & Practices of Multipurpose Health Workers towards Dental Health in Lucknow District

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Omveer Singh, Lokesh Sharma, Devina Pradhan, Meghna Mehta, Shitanshu Malhotra, Pallavi Singh


Introduction: Oral tissue forms an integral part of the human and is extremely vulnerable to disease as they are in intimate relation with the external environment and being constantly subjected to mechanical, chemical and bacterial interactions.

Aim: To assess the oral health knowledge, attitude, practices and oral health status & treatment needs among health care workers in Lucknow.

Materials & Methods: The aim of the descriptive cross-sectional study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices towards Dental Health. Multistage random sampling technique was used to allocate community health centers and primary health centers of Lucknow District. The study proforma had two parts:  First part consisted of a predesigned and pretested questionnaire. The second part of the study proforma consisted of Extra – Oral examination.

Results: Most of the respondents of the age group 20-40 have good state of teeth (51.8%) while most of the respondents of the age group 41-60 and above 60 years have average state of teeth (42.3%, 61.5%). Associations between the dependent and independent variables of categorical (discrete) type were tested by chi – square (χ2) test. p values less than 0.005 was considered to be significant.

Conclusion: The study findings concluded that there was an evident gap between their knowledge and what they were really practicing.

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