The Degree of Practicing Spiritual Leadership Among Academic Leaders in Jordanian Universities and Its Relationship to Organizational Ambidexterity

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Najwa Darawsha, Tamara AL-Dawuod, Alaa Ahmad Harahsheh, Zohair H. Al-Zoubi, Rana M., Rawashdeh


The current study aimed to investigate the degree of practicing spiritual leadership among academic leaders in Jordanian universities and to reveal its relationship to organizational ambidexterity. The descriptive analysis method was used, and a questionnaire was applied to a sample of (300) faculty members. The results demonstrated a high degree of spiritual leadership practice and organizational ambidexterity among academic leaders in Jordanian universities from the faculty members' perspectives. The results also suggested no statistically significant differences attributable to the effect of variables: (type of university, academic rank, and type of college) for both variables. The results also showed a correlation between spiritual leadership and organizational ambidexterity. The study recommends conducting extensive training courses to educate employees (faculty members) about the concept of spiritual leadership, organizational ambidexterity, and the importance of applying them in administrative practices.

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