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Dr. John Lama and Ms. Nima Kipa


The present study aims to measure the anxiety and level of aspiration among adolescents. A total sample of 330 students was randomly selected from different government schools of Tezu, Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. The participant’s ages range from 13-19 years of both genders; 160 males and 170 females. Out of 330 students, 162 and 168 samples were taken from secondary and higher secondary schools respectively. The ex-post facto research design was used for the study. The state-trait anxiety scale (STAI) and Level of Aspiration scale were developed by Spielberger, Gorsuch, and Lushene (1970), and M.A. Shah and Mahesh Bhargava (1975),was used to measure anxiety and the level of aspiration respectively. Results analysis revealed that there is no significant relationship between state anxiety and trait anxiety and the dimensions of the level of aspiration-goal discrepancy score, attainment discrepancy score, and a number of the times reach goal dimensions of the level of aspiration. It was also found that there was no significant difference in state anxiety and dimension of the level of aspiration among higher secondary and secondary school students. However, there is no significant difference in state anxiety, trait anxiety and level of aspiration did not depend on gender.

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