Green IoT: A game-changer in Sustainable Development: An Investigation

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Sarath Chandran M.C., Dr. Sathiyabama B.


There has been a boom in information sector in the 21st century and the sector is heavily infused with technical innovations. These results in a multitude of possibilities that can help accomplish the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) if used wisely. The study's major objective is to derive conclusions about the relevance of the Internet of Things in carrying out the global goal of sustainable development. For this purpose, an online survey was undertaken among 250 respondents comprising of industry experts, researchers, and academicians of Central Universities in India. The primary objective of the study is to trace out the gaps, muddles, and roadblocks in achieving the goals of SDGs. The majority of the respondents firmly believe that Green IoT can be a crucial game-changer in achieving goals of SDG. Crucial areas where these technologies can bring about a massive change include productive and optimum utilization of raw materials along with preserving natural resources and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and other waste. A sustainable environment is in need of planned and organized usage of IoT and G-IoT concepts which can significantly transform traditional development into sustainable development. Developing goods and services for enhancing renewable energy sources, energy-conserving computing and modulation of power sources, green metrics, assessment tools, and methodologies assist this process.

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