Into the Inscape of Human Psyche: A Journey through McEwan’s Atonement

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Resmy Dominic, M. Mary Jayanthi


The quantity of criticism that surrounds Freudian concepts has never diminished their importance in assessing human inscape. It successfully explains the reasons behind human behaviour’s complexities. Ian McEwan is a prodigy when it comes to delving into the human psyche. He is noted for his vivid, scenic, and startling storytelling style. In its description of the interior worlds and unpredictable workings of the human awareness, his prestigious book Atonement stands out. This paper attempts a deep examination of the characters' behavioural patterns and the function of the unconscious in influencing them. Although humans are victims of unconscious trauma, this study shows that positive sublimation can unquestionably save individuals and make them fit for society.

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