Adolescents and their positive Life skills in the Digital Era

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A. Jayasree, N. Murugeswari


The outcome of application of positive psychology in education is always encouraging to the humanity as mental health is important for overall health of adolescents. In this digital epoch, educated people can make their own choices internationally and can adorn new positions showing the relevant grades in the field. Even then, if they lack positive attitudes, life will not be smooth for such persons. While passing through the teenage years, children need to regulate their moods and so training adolescents in life skills is emphasised in this article. Positive mental healthcan be maintained to a large extent by practising to live in thepresent momentand giving enough rest and nutrition to the body. Digital paintings on positive life skill quotes can attract adolescents to such trainings and literature review disclosed a wide research gap in this area. Thus, to fill up the gap of investigation in creative life-skill pedagogy a module exclusively with quotes on life skills with digital paintings wasprepared by the researcher for training all adolescents, especially girls of India, to build up confidence in them to face challenges in life effectively. This article therefore, analyses the research gaps and formulates a new methodological approach in life skills pedagogy with a digital mediumforadolescents in this digital era. 

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