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Techno-pedagogical skills are approaches to make great education accessible and reasonable for all. To provide connectivity, relevant material, and low-cost computer devices to all teaching and learning groups in the country was underlined in the National Curriculum Framework (2005). Constructing multi-graded education requires this hybrid expertise. The level of educational attainment in the twenty-first century will be higher than it was in the twentieth because of these developments and expansions. To prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century and to help them succeed in their future endeavors, teachers must incorporate technology into their classrooms. The future educational environment will necessitate the acquisition of general and specialized knowledge and skills by teachers if they are to remain relevant and successful. One need to implement innovative techno-pedagogical skills by improving infrastructure, improving English language proficiency and online content knowledge, resolving teacher shortages, increasing teacher incentives, increasing awareness of existing techno pedagogical services, using licensed software, enhancing departmental coordination, and reducing frequent power outages and fluctuations in electricity. Assisting in eliminating the barriers that occur in the process of instruction at all levels of school, technology has a tangible impact on education. Thus, it has made teaching easier, and learning more fun. Assisting teachers in their professional development and meeting the diverse requirements of all types of learners, technology can help foster universal access to education. In this aspect, technology's impact on teaching and learning is immense. To teach today's students, teachers must recognize the value of integrating technology with pedagogy. However, integrating technology and pedagogy successfully provides numerous benefits for classroom teachers. In order to transform pupils into productive citizens, teachers must overcome these obstacles and strengthen their techno pedagogical talents.


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