Informal statistical inference of Indonesian undergraduate students in comparing two groups of data

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Parhaini Andriani, Cholis Sa’dijah, Subanji, Hery Susanto


The latest research examines informal statistical inference, which is supposed to help students to develop their statistical inference skills in a formal way. However, this subject is still under-studied in Indonesia. This study aimed at exploring the students reasoning through informal statistical inferences on comparing two groups of data problem. This study was a qualitative descriptive study involving 97 pre-service teachers at the Universitas Islam Negeri Mataram and the Universitas Islam Malang. The research instruments were worksheet and task-based interview protocols. The results of the study indicated that students could provide an informal explanation of the differences between the two groups of data, such as the influence of the sampling methods and the sample size towards the inference they made. However, the explanation given by the students remained partial and had not been able to apply aggregate-based reasoning appropriately.

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