Factors Influencing Online Learning Outcomes in UAE: An Extension of Delon and Mclean with Actual Usage and Cognitive Absorption as Intervening Variables

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Alketbi, S., Akmal, S., Hamid, R.A.


This is an exceptional time and will have a significant impact on how institutions operate in the coming years. The Covid19 pandemic has devastated the world not only in terms of health, but also in the way we live, work and learn. Companies face the big challenge of keeping ups and downs and are trying to find innovative solutions to survive. Among the many areas that have been hit hardest is the education industry. In the education industry, educational institutions rely on online learning to continue the educational process during blockages and other rigorous measures being implemented by governments around the world. A major concern in this regard is the increasing impact of these technologies on performance. The role of mediating actual use was also considered. This study uses PLS-mediated structural equation modeling to analyze 412 valid questionnaires and evaluate the proposed model. The results showed that all hypotheses were supported. The proposed model described 76.5% of the variation in performance impact.

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