Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Payments in India

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V. Achutamba, Dr. CH. Hymavathi


In the current situations, COVID-19 pandemic is bringing second thoughts about reaching cash as the cases rise up. Due to theses reason some are wanting to go cashless to have contactless transactions. The main purpose of the study is to understand how people have made a greater move towards digital payments and it is going to be adopted by different people from different age groups, gender, and occupation. This study covers the awareness, perception, and behavior of the general public towards the change in payment system from traditional to digital. The main and objective of this study is to highlight the changes which have come over in the payment system in India. The primary data of this study was collected by circulating a Google form to the general public and the sample size is 100. Statistical tools like Chi-Square test, Paired T-Test, ANOVA, Graphical presentations are used. Fromm the study we come to a conclusion that COVID-19 brought a change in the method of payments. Though people might now restrain themselves from using digital payments but if the banks and government take proper measures, people will definitely switch to digitalized payments.

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