Slot Loaded Microstrip Triangular Patch Antenna for dual frequency applications in S band

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Manik Chandra Borah,Parimita Saikia, Anup Kr Bordoloi,Bhairab Sarma


Tuning of resonant frequency of microstrip patch antenna is an important aspect for practical applications within the application band. A simple dual frequency triangular patch antenna is designed which can be operated in L and S band. The antenna is initially designed for best performance in terms Return Loss values with optimized feed point location. The basic rectangular patch resonating within the band is further modified to triangular patch with insertion of slots, to investigate the shift in resonating frequency.  Purpose of designing slot loaded antenna is to tune the antenna for single and/or dual frequency operation when required for various practical applications. Three triangular slots are inserted vertically across the radiating edge within the patch and one rectangular slit placed vertically 1mm distance from center towards another radiating edge.

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