Impact of Performance Appraisal System on the Organizational Citizenship Behavior – A study of IT and ITES organizations in top three metropolitan cities in India

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Neena PC, Dinesh N, Kambam Vedantan


The study encompassed the elements’ that impact the employee’s positive relationship towards the organization which is reflected in their Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). The paper examines the positive employee engagement and the OCB which are interconnected with fair performance management system in the firms. The research is conducted in the recent trends of IT and ITEs employment firms which are in three metropolitan cities in India viz., Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.

This analysis helps to determine whether justice in performance appraisal would lead to trust in the organization and further would lead to Organizational Citizenship Behavior. The study found that by establishing a positive relationship with performance appraisal system, there is an increase in the employee’s trust inventory towards the organization.


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