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Charos Bahromovna Abdullaeva


In this paper we study the structural components of the Advertising Discourse. The subject of this study is to investigate the peculiarities of structural components of AD through the use of means of different functional styles and it is attractive due to such pragmatic factors as font, color, size. Besides, the given article provided the analysis of advertising text. AD is a complex communicative and cognitive process, not only reflecting knowledge about the world, but also conveying a new "glossy world" in accordance with the aesthetic, pragmatic and value orientations of the author. Consequently, the purpose of AD functions is decoding conceptual and cultural information. The crucial aspect for the study is the point that the recognition of advertising discourse (AD) in linguistics creates the necessity to study the language in a broad socio-cultural context. Also, linguistics is confronted with new objectives due to the demand to study advertising discourse in tight correlation with human communicative activity. Moreover, this research lies in the fact that it fills a gap in the studies of ADs in terms of their structural features.

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