E-learning education. Case: parents in elementary schools during the pandemic

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Yersi-Luis Huamán-Romaní, Patricia-Mónica Bejarano-Álvarez, Beymar-Pedro Solis-Trujillo, Luly-Stephanie Ricardo-Jiménez, Edgar L. Martínez-Huamán


Since the emergence of COVID-19, education has witnessed unprecedented transformations at different levels. Online education, which entails e-learning, has markedly affected students; however, there is a dearth of studies concerning its effect on parents. This study was conducted with the objective to determine the effect of online education on parents of primary level students with e-learning methods. This study employed descriptive and quantitative methods and is non-experimental and cross-sectional, with the participation of 162 parents of an educational institution of the primary level. The survey was conducted online on a voluntary basis and anonymously. The findings of this study revealed that the effect of online education on students is highly significant in the latter three dimensions, while the effect on the technical issues is moderate.

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