The Industrialization and Modernization: Contents and Features in Dong Nai, Vietnam

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Dr. Nguyen Minh Tri , Dr. Le Ba Vuong


Industrialization and Modernization is one of the most critical solutionsthat help VietNam escape from poverty and underdevelopment to overcome the risk of lag behind the economy and approach to many countries in this area and on over the world. Besides that, it improves the living condition of citizens, reinforces the potentialDefence and Security to consolidate strongly the independence of the nation. Dong Nai is a province belonging to the Southeast Delta that hasa position, an important call part of mainly economic region in South Viet Nam and the nation. It’s playeda dramatic role in industrialization and modernization so that the development of Dong Nai province not only contained the vital meaning in the development link of the mainly quadrilateral in the South in terms of economy, politics, society, security, national defense but also one of the keys of contribution to increasing the industrialization and modernization in Dong Nai and the whole country. Therefore, learning about the contents and features of industrialization and modernization in Dong Nai province, VietNam has scientific significance.

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