The use of web technology in teaching phraseological units of the English language

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Abduramanova Nezire Enverovna


When writing the work, the works of both domestic and foreign authors were studied, and electronic sources of information were also used (V. A. Krasilnikov, V. V. Bespalov, I. G. Zakharova, O. I. Pashchenko, S. V. Panyukov, N. O. Vetlugina).

The theoretical significance of the work lies in a detailed and structured study of the use of information technology in teaching a foreign language.

The practical value lies in the fact that the materials of this work can be used by foreign language teachers in the educational process.

The work consists of the content, introduction, two chapters, brief conclusions to them, conclusion, list of references and applications. In the first chapter, we reveal the theoretical foundations for the use of information technology (websites and mobile applications) in the process of teaching a foreign language. The second chapter offers an analysis of some websites and mobile applications for learning English, methodological development of a foreign language lesson and a detailed description of the experiment and its results. The conclusion contains brief conclusions based on the results of the work done.

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