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Dr. Vishal P. Deshmukh, Mrs. Sankpal S.V


We should not stop people from migrating. Migration is not a problem, it is a process. The flow of students has grown very rapidly these last decades, and in some regions, has become twice as important as the flows of those seeking work. The purpose of this study is to explore the elements affecting students’ decision on migration. The two main elements affecting migration are wages, and quality of education. It should be stressed that the countries with the highest-quality education are not necessarily those with high wages. Therefore there is a need to explore whether it is quality of higher education or wage levels that determine the direction of student flows.In the past decade, mobility of young people has grown rapidly, and interestingly this flow is not homogenous. On one hand is the flow of individuals who are already skilled and who emigrate to work. On the other hand, are young individuals migrating to acquire education, and this flow is growing rapidly this last decade. In 2006, the flow of individuals who obtain education outside their country of citizenship was nearly five times what it was in 1975. Over time, this flow became larger. We have to give them a better life and better study options at home for that this paper focuses different factors which influences for migration to Indian students. This paper is based on secondary research and highlights the different reasons for migration to Indian students.

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