Measuring the impact of study habits on student academic performance in KSA

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Rasha Gaffer M. Helali, Nawal Ali Y Abdelrahman, RafiaKhidir A.Zaroug


Student learning attitudes/habits represents a major factor affecting the learning processes. Identifying factors that affect student performance is the major task attracts educational research recently. The purpose of the study was to examine the relationships among study habits, and learning performances in addition to, the impact of some external factors such as family follow-up on student performance. This study adopted a descriptive survey design due to the implicit nature of the study. The study involve sample (120 students) collected from university level students in Saudi Arabia. The data was captured and arranged with the use of statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). Analysis reveals significant relationships between parents education level and student success rate. Moreover, habits like repeating some parts periodically to overcome forgetting, Writing points in lecture during class time, less lectures absence during semester, using additional materials to support understanding, using internet as source of additional materials to support understanding and reading in silence had a positive effect on student success rate. In context of family support, the effect of enforcing students to study and encourage them by parents has a great effect on their academic performance. It’s important to note that student financial level doesn’t have big impact on success rate. Another habits such as covering only selected parts from reference for exam and increasing the studying hours in exam period only has a negative effect on student success rate.

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