SDN based pollution attack detection and prevention in cloud computing

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P.Santhosh Kumar, K.R.Nithesh, Dr. R. Jebakumar


Web applications are vulnerable to malicious attacks performed by the intruders. Thus software  defined network based policies are used to detect and prevent the attacks in an efficient manner. Thus improvising Software defined Networks (SDN)  policies can protect data owner confidentiality and trust. The security is the major concern for the data owners during cloud migration. The malicious packet are detected during file transmission through deep packet inspection before processing the packet to the server. Thus SDN Based Pollution Attack Detection and Prevention (SDN PADP) is proposed here to detect the pollution attack in prior eliminating the server being compromised. In the process, if the pollution attack is been detected during file transmission, the respective IP is been blocked and the respective request process would be hold transmitting to the server. The pollution attack during file transmission is prevented by hashing. The hash value is been generated and append to the respective file during transmission to secure the file. SDN PADP invokes generation of convincing file during data the file upload to and preserve the privacy by cloud service providers against the legal authorities. For experimental results, java based web application is used in local host as testbeds.



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