Comparison Between Effect of McKenzie Exercise and Postural Correction on Forward Head Posture Among Older Population

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Vincent Chung Yi Zhen, Deepthi G, Jency Sudha, Yu Chye Wah, Theingi M M


Introduction: Work-related neck and shoulder disorders (WRNSDs) have been reported among different types of jobs such as factory worker, typist, and teacher, which later lead to neck pain. This often develops an abnormal posture known as Forward Head Posture (FHP) due to the high demands of tasks involved with the job. McKenzie Exercise (ME) and postural correction (PC) are helpful in treating neck pain with FHP. However, no study compares ME and PC's effectiveness in patients with FHP due to daily activity. Methodology: 30 subjects suffering from FHP will be included and randomly allocated into the ME and PC groups. Both treatments will be prescribed three days per week for six weeks for all the participants. Participants will be assessed in terms of pain, Range of Motion (ROM), Neck Disability Index (NDI), Copenhagen Neck Functional Disability Scale (CDS), and Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire (NBQ). The results will be collected and analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Conclusion: ME and PC both are safe and effective modalities and resulted in remarkable improvements in pain intensity, ROM, and functional neck ability in FHP patients above 50-year-old.

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