Gender Inclusivity in Private Enterprise-Women Entrepreneurs in MSME

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Jahnavi C, Syed Khalid Perwez


A Significant Feature of Indian Economy has been the role of private enterprise, particularly since liberalization Era. Micro, Small and Medium enterprises have made deep inroads in terms of their contribution to GDP and Sustainable development. However, this segment continues to remain the forte of men and women Participation for a long time, was conspicuous by its negligible presence. Although gender inclusivity in workforce has risen to acceptable levels of over 22% in general and over 35% in IT and ITES. It still remain elusive in the small business segment. This study examines the evolution of gender inclusivity in MSMES and the factors influencing their participation as well as the challenges that act as hurdles to women owned small businesses. This descriptive study based on secondary data highlights the barrier to  unity for women entrepreneurs and suggests some measures that would hasten the process of inclusivity in MSMES.

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