Evaluate Factors That Influence Procurement Performance in the Malaysian Army

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Asnul Dahar Minghat, Wan Hairul Azraai Wan Hanudin


This study aims to evaluate factors on procurement performance in the Malaysian Army. The study was guided by the following specific objectives: to identify the current issue procurement performance, to analyse internal factors that influences procurement performance, to analyse external factors that influence procurement performance and to propose the new Standard Operations Procedure. To achieve these objectives, 91 Centre Ordnance Depot was chosen as the case study location. This study was designed to adopt mixed method by means of questionnaire survey and semi structure interview. The data gathered was analysed using index scale analysis and content analysis. After various observation and analysis, it is recommended that to improve procurement performance and a few Standard Operating Procedures are to be implemented. The recommendations are the organization should try to give great emphasis for contract management and consumption management of procurement activities in order to develop those practices with great extent as they are the major objective of procurement practices. In order to avoid the major challenging factors coming from users and requesting units the procurement unit should invest on staff awareness through training should be carried out to achieve superior knowledge in entire procurement process in the organization.

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