Scientometrics Analysis through CiteSpace on Internet Product Service Quality

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Wen Haimeng, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdul Majid


Lifestyles and jobs are becoming increasingly dependent on Internet products as information technology advances and networks become more widespread. Despite the popularity of internet products, little attention has been given to its service quality or customer satisfaction. To get a systematic review of the study, a CiteSpace-based study was conducted over the last decades. Relevant keywords were used to search articles at the “Web of Science” for nearly ten years and conducted manual screening, and finally obtained 331 valid articles. Then, CiteSpace were used to analyze these data. With this advanced data analysis tool, a different view was displayed with research topic, analysis method and measurement model. The results show that Internet products are tightly linked to e-commerce, and that consumers (particularly user satisfaction) receive significantly more attention than the quality of the products themselves. Meanwhile, this study discovered the analysis methodologies typically used in Internet product research: meta-analysis and sentiment analysis, as well as evaluation models of service quality: the IS Success Model and E-S-QUAL. These finding provides beneficial methods and models for the development of Internet products and the evaluation of service quality, as well as a better understanding of the product development of online applications and a plethora of knowledge about the Internet of Things.

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