Construction and Validation of Life Skills Scale for Primary Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities

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Jaison M Peter, G. Thamilvanan, K. Mohanasundaram


Life skills for students with intellectual disabilities refer to a set of functional skills important for independent living. The purpose of this study was to develop a Life Skills Scale (LSS) for students with mild intellectual disabilities, particularly, in the age group of 7 to 11 years, considering their limitations in intellectual functioning and in adaptive skill areas. The items for the inventory were generated via Focused Group Discussion of experts. The feedback obtained from pilot testing resulted in reframing the likert scale as well as framing items in measurable and observable terms. To ascertain the reliability of the items and the Inventory itself, it was administered to 150 students with mild intellectual disabilities studying in special schools in Kerala. The result obtained was subjected to a co-relation test and Cronbach's alpha. The findings indicated that the Life Skills Scale is highly reliable. The final tool consisted of 100 items with 10 domains each domain have 10 items. The maximum score of the scale will be 400, minimum score will be 100 and R=300. It can be used to assess life skills achievement level as well as planning for new life skills programme.

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