Blood Flow in Arteries with Stenoses: A Three-Dimensional Unsteady Flow

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H. Girija Bai, M. Prasanna Jeyanthi, P. Hemavathy, M. Premkumar, A. Mohamed Ismail


Three-dimensional unsteady blood flow in arteries with two axisymmetric stenoses of dilation of 25% was mathematically investigated in this work. Hemodynamic parameters such as velocity, pressure, and streamline pattern are examined using computational fluid dynamics methods. The finite volume approach is used to address the problem. The CFD applications Fluent and Gambit are used to perform numerical simulations. In the stenoses, low pressure and rapid velocity are noted. This is a sign that blood flow has been disrupted. The root of surgical interference is the detection and quantification of numerous stenoses. This research is crucial for understanding the link between hemodynamics and rupture risk.


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