Effectiveness of Credit and Collection among Small Retailers: An Assessment

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Dr. Steve Salamat Guansi


The study is entitled “Effectiveness of Credit and Collection among Small Retailers in the Kingdom of Bahrain: An Assessment”. The research sought answers on the following specific problems and drawn inferences that relatively identified factors affecting effectiveness of credit and collection. Specifically, the research included 50 respondents – twenty - five (25) Non – store retailers and twenty - five (25) store retailers who are connected with various companies classified as small enterprises operating in the Kingdom. Through survey – questionnaires, data were gathered, collected, and were used as basis of analysis subject to statistical treatments that include frequency count, weighted means and correlation.

The respondents have inferred the relevant reasons noted as pushing factors that engage small retailers to credit extension. The summary of perceptions on the level of effectiveness of the strategies on credit and collection employed and as practiced by small retailers in terms of Customer Relations; Acquisition and Standards and Collection Policy, have had an average weighted mean of 4.15 which has a total description of Effective (E). Also,the summary of the perceptions on the status of customers’ attitude  toward credit and collection as perceived by small retailers in terms of customer relations, product acquisition and collection policy have had an average weighted mean of 4.13 equivalent of a description of Satisfactory (S).

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