Experimental Investigation on Sand-Casting Process and optimizing process parameters

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S. Prashanth, Dr.T.Sathish, Dr.R.Venkatesh


The foundry manufacturers, in the aluminium casting industry, identify the standard of sand mould as a fact to realize top-quality aluminium casting. The motive of this observation is to lessen aluminium casting disorder with the aid of using optimizing the ratio of water and bentonite introduced to the recycled sand mould. Aluminium 356 alloy is desired for this research, helping the regular technique of trial and error. Twelve castings have been finished with diverse proportions of bentonite, sand, and water. On a scale of 5 status structures had been carried out to fee the casted product upon numerous defects. This has been administered with the aid of using reading the friction the usage of the software program Minitab 17.0 and in the end concludes with the most desirable role of composition for casting Al with the effects of 5% of bentonite, 90% of sand, and 5% of water.

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