Household Diversification: A Village Based Survey in India during the Pre-Covid and Covid 19 Pandemic Era

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Suresh M, Ramakrishnan K


This research focuses on household diversification in the rural economy. In the rural economy, household diversification is the norm. In rural households, very few people obtain all of their income from one source. Using data from a hamlet in southern India throughout the pre-pandemic (2012) and pandemic (2020) periods. According to a local poll, the majority of males work in the manufacturing industry. According to the majority of households, the pandemic has impacted rural workers' income and jobs. During the pre-pandemic and pandemic periods, mixed households (those with farm and non-farm jobs) were the most common. This article's authors examine the growing trend of household diversification. The number of mixed households is increasing as diversification increases. The current pandemic has impacted the income and employment of rural  workers. Mixed households rely on their finances to survive during pandemics.There is marginal rise of depressed caste and dominant caste in mixed households during pandemic period

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