Evaluation of the Impact of Effluents Fisheries and Domestic Industries in the Water Quality of the Bahia El Ferrol - Chimbote

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Violeta Vega, Reynaldo Noa Acero, Carlos Tello, Rogelia Guillen, Doris Esenarro


The present research aims to analyze the degree f compliance of the physical-chemical and microbiological parameters of the water of El Ferrol Bay during the period 2015 - 2019; the bay has been affected in the last four decades due to industrial activities, mainly fishing (production of fishmeal, oil, and canned fish) and the progressive increase of the population that generates municipal wastewater and solid waste. The collection of information was obtained through physical-chemical monitoring of water quality in the Chimbote - El Ferrol Bay sea directed by NWA (National Water Authority), whose annual averages were compared with the National Environmental Quality Standard (EQS) for water, established by Supreme Decree No. 004-2017-MINAM according to the classification of the marine-coastal water body established by the Chief Resolution No. 030 – 2016 - ANA. As results obtained, the parameters that fully comply with the EQS in the studied period are: pH, total suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, nitrates and sulfates and partially oils and fats, biochemical oxygen demand and thermotolerant coliforms with 92.86%, 92.31%, and 68.75% respectively while Escherichia coli has 0% and in terms of years considering only these parameters 2015 complies 83.33%, 2016 complies 100%, 2017 complies 90.32%, 2018 complies 83.33%, 2019 complies 92.58%.

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