Quadrant of Change: Phenomenologizing Department Chairs’ Leadership and Management Practices

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Rexy Osorio Molo, Amelita A. Gaerlan


This study explores the analysis of management standards for primary school education in Indonesia and the analysis results. This research is qualitative research with a SWOT analysis approach consisting of (1) strengths, (2) weaknesses, (3) opportunities, and (4) threats. The subject of this research is the Minister of National Education Regulation Number 19 of 2007, which regulates the National Education Standards in Indonesia. The analysis results found several things regarding the management standard's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to define several critical steps in primary school education management standards in Indonesia. The stages consist of: (1) school leadership, (2) effective school leadership, (3) standards of school principals in Indonesia, (4) management and information systems, and (5) legal basis for management information systems. Of course, implementing the five critical steps in the management standards of primary school education in Indonesia requires adequate supervision and guidance from various parties to achieve standardizing education management ideals in Indonesia.

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