Strengthening Farmers’ Social Capital to Build the Sustainable Agriculture in Tidal Swamplands, South Sumatra, Indonesia

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Bunaiyah Honorita, Muhammad Yazid, Riswani


The existence and role of social capital is needed in the success and sustainability of agricultural development in tidal swamp land. This study aims to measure the condition of farmers' social capital and formulate strategies for strengthening social capital in developing sustainable agriculture in tidal swamp land. The research was conducted in Muara Telang District, Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia in 2021 on 150 farmer respondents and 13 expert respondents. Data obtained through direct interviews with respondents using a questionnaire. The strategy for strengthening social capital is formulated using the Analytical Network Process (ANP) analysis. The results showed that the social capital of farmers in tidal swamp rice farming was in the high criteria with a score of 39.86. The strategy of strengthening social capital in developing sustainable agriculture in tidal swamplands can be carried out through: (a) transformational leadership support, (b) increasingly routine and strong interaction between group members, (c) regular and scheduled assistance from extension workers on an ongoing basis, (d) ) involvement and organizational roles from the village/hamlet/group level, (e) involvement of the roles of community and family leaders and (f) a variety of programs that prioritize social and human capital capacity building. The strengthening of social capital in this tidal area is expected to empower small farmers in particular to be more empowered in managing their farms in a sustainable manner, building a sustainable corporate farm for mutual prosperity.

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