Organizational Communication Climate And Its Relationship Employee Organizational Trust: An Exploratory Study

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Dr. Alan P. Taguiam


Achieving excellent employee communication has been shown to have a significant impact on the development of employees' trust in their respective organizations. Organizational trust among employees is built on the principles of honesty, self-assurance, and good attitudes toward upper management. The quantitative design was used by the researcher in this study to collect data. It makes extensive use of the descriptive-correlational approach to data analysis, in particular. As a result, this demonstrates that they believe that the university's communication channels may be enhanced. It demonstrates that the university's internal environment for information sharing among the various stakeholders is open and amicable. Among the characteristics that they perceive as supportive of worker participation at the university are environments that allow for a free and open flow of information, as well as the settlement of constructive conflicts. Several students have expressed concern about the institution's emphasis on participation, a free and open exchange of knowledge, and constructive dispute resolution, all of which they believe are lacking. As the parties collaborate to maximize the benefits that will accrue as a result of their cooperative efforts, they are expressing mutual confidence in one another. Furthermore, it can be inferred that the employees of these institutions have confidence in the honesty, integrity, and competence of their managers. They also display a mutual belief in their own objectives and course of action.

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