The true worth of words: How linguistic language modeling of Second language instruction impacts learner’s professional identities

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Dr. Baiju Krishnan, Dr.Manish Kishore Kumar, Dr Vandana Whig, Dr. Deo karan Ram, Dr. Limuel J. Abelgas


In foreign language classes, students' identities are shaped through the use of linguistic analytic tools. Pragmatic and axiological linguistic models have required FLT tools. They are developed. They are valid using FLT conversation material to support the idea that correct language learning is founded on their appropriate linguistic interpretation and basic cultural value. This approach is shown by assessing dialogue, functional analysis, pragmatic-communicative analysis, and linguistic analysis. Building value-charged conceptions for professional FLT discourse is a way to increase dominant axiological domains. From the perspective of developing FLT content, the technique enables reflection of the most critical professional processes and deliberate development of students' essential professional competencies in the field.

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