Covid 19: Impacts and Challenges in the Construction Industry

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Gina A. Lorenzo, Estrelita A. Bernardo, Alma G. Galang


This study was conducted to determine the impacts of Covid 19 and how profound challenges are being managed in the construction industry. A management program was also proposed for safe work practices. A quantitative research method was employed in this study. The respondents of this study were employees from different construction industries, whether private or government agencies. They were selected through the convenience sampling technique.

More respondents were in the younger age bracket, more males, more respondents were employed in government agencies, almost engineers, and mostly new in the agency. Telework became common with a very high-level contribution regarding the impacts of Covid-19 in the construction industry. Activities required or recommended to maintain a healthy work environment have a very high level of contribution regarding challenges the construction industries face in times of Covid 19.

According to age, gender, and type of agency, the respondents have the same assessment that there is a significant difference in the impact of Covid-19 in construction industries. Age, gender, type of agency, and position in the agency also have a significant difference in the challenges of Covid-19 in construction industries. All the proposed management programs in terms of engineering controls and administrative controls were highly recommended.

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