Impact of market orientation on competitiveness: Analysis of in vocational colleges in Thailand

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Apirut Singtrangarn, Supot Rattanapun, Chanprapar Polachart


Sustainability in competitiveness is a challenge in the current comitative market. Similar with the business companies, the educational institutions are facing the issues of sustainable competitiveness. Particularly, the vocational colleges working in Thailand are facing stiff competition which require sustainability in competitiveness. For this purpose, the current study is an attempt to propose market orientation as a tool to promote sustainable competitiveness. The objective of this study is to examine the effect of market orientation in sustainable competitiveness among the vocational colleges in Thailand. Primary data is collected through questionnaire survey which is used to examine the relationship between market orientation and sustainable competitiveness. It is found that; market orientation has positive role to promote sustainable competitiveness. Increase in market orientation by the companies can increase the sustainable competitiveness. Market orientation has the potential to promote competitor identification, technology implementation and customization which further causes to enhance sustainable competitiveness.

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