Performance Analysis of the Small and Medium Enterprises Based on Green product Management

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Ladda Hirunyava, Apinya Wisessing, Sittichai Thammasane, Duangsamorn Rungsawanpho


Satisfactory business performance in a competitive market is a major challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This study proposed that it can be achieved through green product development (GPD). Therefore, this study aims to investigate the role of GPD in business performance among SMEs. Consequently, this study proposed a relationship between GPD, customer attraction, brand image, environmental quality and business performance. This relationship is tested by following the cross-sectional research design through the quantitative research approach. Data collection is made by using a survey questionnaire. Data were collected from the employees working in SMEs located in Thailand. After data analysis, it is observed that GPD is most important element to enhance business performance in a competitive business market. It is proved that GPD has a positive effect on attracting customers, which further leads to environmental quality and business performance. Additionally, customer attraction also causes to promote brand image which increases the business performance.

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