Academic Anxiety Among Adolescents In Relation To Their Socio-Economic Status

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Kunjalata Baro, Prof. Lokanath Mishra


This study was conducted to find out the relationship between Academic Anxiety and Socio-Economic Status of adolescents. Academic Anxiety Scale (AASC) developed by Siddiqui. M and Rehman. A (2017) and Socio-Economic Status Scale developed by Sunil Kumar Upadhyay & Alka Saxena (2010) were used to collect the data. In the present study, the population was concerned only those adolescents who are studying in class 11th    in Baksa district of Assam. Four hundred students, (200 were male and 200 were female) were selected as sample of the study. From the data it revealed that there is negative correlation between academic anxiety and socio-economic status of adolescents and 51.4 % of the variation in the academic anxiety is explained by socio-economic Status along with its dimensions.

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