The environment of Educational Institute and Learning Happiness of Students' : A Cross-sectional Survey Rajabhat University, Thailand

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Jatuporn Ounprasertsuk, Jintana Ruksachat, Phannee Rojanabenjakun , Tipvarin Benjanirat, Pongsak Jaroenngarmsamer, Narongdham Tiyaphom, Jutatip Sillabutra


Background - The environment is important to learning. It is creating a suitable environment for students, students will be happy to study. The student is happy in learning them will do for better academic achievement, respectively. The students are studying success to be qualified personnel for further development of the country.

Objective – This research investigates the relationship between environmental factors and the learning happiness of students.

Methods - This research is contextual research by using a cross-sectional survey. The samples were students select the sample group by stratified proportion random simple and not overridden by using a random number table. The sample consisted of 262 students. The research instrument was a questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis are descriptive, inferential statistics analyzed.

Results - The students are moderately happy with environmental factors, it was found that teacher advisor characteristics are the highest mean (M=2.79). The mean overall learning happiness level was M = 2.39 is moderate happiness. The students were happiest in the family. The teacher advisor characteristics and curriculum characteristics could explain the variance of the learning happiness, and it calculated 11.0%. There are the teacher advisor's characteristics are to look after the students closely, which gives students peace of mind and clear curriculum characteristics, assuring them that after graduation they will not lose their job.

Conclusion – Creating an environment should be a student's focus and there is a plan to develop the environment to suit the learners continuously. This is a concept that requires further attention from university policymakers and researchers to ensure policies and practices are in place that delivers a valued learning experience to students, in higher education, through engaging pedagogical activities.

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